DHL Active Tracing

A prerequisite of using the Private AcT Web-services is that you must first have a registered ‘myACT’ Active Tracing login – your myACT login will be configured with your DHL Account Number(s), whereby all AcT Web-service Responses will be limited to those shipments with matching DHL Account Number(s) configured against your myACT login

If you are not registered yet, please follow this link.

Once the registration is completed, send an e-mail to or call (SE E-Com) 0771 345 345 and request access to The AcT Web-service and specify the account previously registered.

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Description
Samples 1/30/201818.38 KBDownload 
Direct Access for ACTIVE TRACINGSpecification5/4/201766.77 KBDownload 
DHL Active Tracing Web ServiceSpecification10/8/20211.13 MBDownload