PickupRequest API

For most of our products, a pick-up must be booked. This API is used to submit the data needed for a retrieval and returns a confirmation if it is accepted, accepted but moved or not accepted. If the booking is accepted, the booking number is also returned, this should be saved as it facilitates any cancellation or tracking of problems.

A booking can be moved from the requested date if the booking has arrived to late to be planned or the maximum capacity of the affected line has been reached for the specified date.

That a booking is not accepted may be due to that the customer number number is not correct or being deactivated. Contact DHL Freight's customer service on 0771 -345 345 for information.

This API is not used for the products DHL Euroconnect, DHL Euroconnect Plus and DHL Eurapid. For those products, the transport instruction also acts as a pickup request.

Before you start using this API towards the DHL Production Environment, an Implementation Request must be approved by DHL Freight (Sweden), via Implementation Request.

 TitleCategory Description
pickuprequestDownloadPickup Domestic ServicePoint B2C with Cash on delivery
pickupresponseDownloadStatus 0: Accepted pickup request
pickupresponseDownloadStatus 1: Rejected pickup request
pickupresponseDownloadStatus 2: Moved pickup request