Integrating with DHL Freight API Farm

DHL Freight API Farm is a toolbox consisting of a number of so-called REST APIs that give application developers the opportunity to create integration between most systems and DHL Freight. For example, to search for DHL ServicePoints, book transport, print labels or calculate shipping prices. In the API Farm you can see definitions and examples and directly in the interface test calls of the APIs.

The APIs support the following of DHL Freight's products:

Domestic Sweden

  • DHL Service Point & DHL Service Point Return
  • DHL Paket
  • DHL Pall
  • DHL Home delivery
  • DHL Stycke
  • DHL Parti

International to and from Sweden

  • DHL Package Export
  • DHL Parcel Connect & DHL Parcel Connect Return (not price quote)
  • DHL Eurapid
  • DHL EuroConnect & DHL EuroConnect Plus

For more information regarding integration, please send an e-mail to


Several of the APIs assume that a DHL customer number is used. To apply to become a customer of DHL Freight Sweden, fill in the form "Become a customer" at To be able to get a customer number from DHL Freight, you need a registered company with an organization number,

Registration in the API Farm

To be able to use the APIs, an API key is required. The key is presented after registration of an organization with an connected application. i.e the integrating application. API keys are in the form of GUIDs that should be sent in the request header at the API call.

Registration for development and testing is done in the API Farm test at

  1. Click on "Sign up".
  2. Fill in your user information.
  3. Go to your email mailbox, find the letter "Confirm your email" from
  4. Open the letter and confirm your registration as instructed.
  5. Go back to the API Farm and log in.
  6. Go to Organizations,
  7. Click on "Create new organization".
  8. Fill in your company/organization information.
  9. Click on "Create".
  10. Click on "Select" to select the organization for which you want to scale an application.
  11. Click on "Applications".
  12. Fill in the information about your application that you intend to integrate with the API Farm.
  13. Click on “Create”.
  14. The API key, i.e. "client-key" is displayed. The key is presented only once, so be sure to keep it in a safe place.

Registration for production is done in API Farm at

NOTE! Before you can start using APIs in production that create shipment data, an implementation request must be approved by DHL Freight. This is to ensure that the implementation is correct and that the integration is successful for both parties. To perform the request fill in the "Implementation request" this site. For larger volumes, >10,000 shipments per day, "traditional" EDI can be a more efficient alternative. Discussion regarding this is taken together with DHL Freight at the request.

DHL e-Id

DHL e-ID is used for identification of the e-services that are customer number unique, For example to be able to ask questions for contract prices. The application for DHL e-ID is made at

Product rules

An successful integration also requires knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of DHL Freight's products. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the DHL Freight (Sweden) Product Manual, which describes this in detail. You can download the current version at this site under Specifications/Products.

Most product rules can also be downloaded via an API. We recommend that this method is used so that your integration will dynamically adapt to any changes in the rules. For example, new options or limitation values for properties such as weight or volume.

Cancel a transport

Note that there is no possibility of cancellation via API or EDI. When canceling a transport. Cancel the booking in your system (booking tool) and always contact our Customer Service on 0771 -345 345 to cancel the transport, for fast and safe handling, the booking and / or shipment number should then be available.